The Detector Information Group
The Detector Information Group was formed in late 1979 by concerned individuals who combined specialist knowledge both of Metal Detecting and of Archaeology. The object of the group was to inform the Media and both Local and Central Government of the true facts about the hobby.

Dig burst upon the scene with a rally in Parliament square, and members of the executive presented a petition to 10 Downing Street.

DIG's efforts were greatly welcomed by both the DoE and the Home Office and during meaningful discussions with both Departments, many myths fabricated by the Council for British Archaeology were finally dispelled. DIG was also successful in July 1980 with its petition to the House of Lords against Clause 100 of the County of Kent Bill, which was an attempt to ban the Hobby of Metal Detecting in Kent. DIG followed this with a successful petition against an offending clause in the Cumbria Bill.

DIG was invited by the Council of Europe to attend a meeting in Paris of the Committee on Culture and Education, where the subject of Metal Detectors and Archaeology was debated. Doc.471-E. (Rapporteurs Mr Alan Beith and Oliver J.Flanagan).

A meeting with the Central Council for Physical Recreation resulted in DIG becoming the prime movers behind the formation of the NCMD.

Following representations to His Royal Highness Prince Charles, DIG was invited to attend a meeting at the Duchy of Cornwall Office to discus the subject of Metal Detecting.

Over the years DIG has continued to support the hobby of metal detecting albeit behind the scenes, recent events within the hobby have resulted in DIG playing a more prominent roll once again.
A. Hammond,
The Detector Information Group.
April 1998.


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